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I was so thrilled to be able to treat my sister, her fiancé, and my mom to a private Outlook Tasting at Viansa Winery last week, and even more thrilled when we discovered that Viansa might be the most gorgeous winery any of us had ever been to. 

From the sprawling landscape that was made up of scenic vineyards, wetlands, and beautifully manicured recreation areas, it was pure beauty from every angle. Not to mention that the wines were exceptional, the food to die for, and the weather absolutely perfect. 

Our Outlook Tasting included about 7 or so wines each (to be honest, I stopped counting), and a spread that could have fed a small wedding, all placed before us in our private outlook point that caught the entire scenery from the perfect angle. I ended up going home with a few full bodied chardonnays and a pinot grigio or two, and a hankering to return. I'm already eyeing May as an option...

PS - if you're interested in trying any of their tastings yourself, you can take 15% off wines with the code VSTIENLYN now until September. And if there's one winery in Napa/Sonoma that I would never skip, this is officially it! 

Happy Monday!


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