What is a
Thoughtful Misfit?

A Thoughtful Misfit is a woman who doesn't fit in boxes - from how she dresses, to the way she lives, to the way she chooses to mother and to love. She never conforms for the sake of fitting in, but she never acts out for the sake of attention. She likes what she likes simply because she likes it. And if you don't like what she likes, that's fine. You can still be friends. She thinks critically, but she's judgement free. She acts with intention, but she knows how to have fun. She's a rebel, but always with a cause - even if that cause is sometimes just a cheese pizza with all the toppings. She's all about balance - but on her own terms. She's a misfit alright, but she's a thoughtful one. 


Thoughtful Misfit is written for women by women. Interested in submitting? Shoot us an email: collaborate@thoughtfulmisfit.com