When it comes to everyday jewelry, I lean on the more sentimental side, opting for more classic investment pieces - but always with a twist. Which means personalized jewelry is right up my alley! Being a regular surfer of the Links of London website, I had been eyeing the sweetie bracelet for some time now - particularly because I love the idea of a piece that has the potential to be continuously evolving. 

I chose beads and charms that were simple yet classic, and had a touch of mixed metal so that I could wear it with absolutely everything - and everywhere. From weekends in Napa to work days in the city, this bracelet goest with absolutely everything! Plus, it has a little bit of a personal meaning worked into it with the destiny charm, which I keep close as a reminder to not sweat the small stuff, focus on the important stuff (like love, family, and freedom), and just let things happen the way they are meant to happen.

Links of London has so many different charms and beads, it's hard not to already be starting to think about the next addition. Help me pick!



Photos by Raelyn Jacobson and Stephanie Ngyuen

In collaboration with Links of London and Shopping Links, however all opinions are my own.