All photos found from   Pinterest  .

All photos found from Pinterest.

Now that The Geodome is up and running, it's time to start thinking about the mothership, aka The Buckminster House. While this house is the biggest building we own (and lots of boring fix-it projects still ahead), in some ways, it's the most straightforward renovation project we will have taken on yet in the sense that it's already set up like a traditional home. Unlike Cactus Mountain or The Geodome, we won't be adding plumbing, new walls or rooms, electricity, etc. but will be working with what's already there. 

That being said, working on a geodesic structure is always a bigger task than your typical right-angled house. There's a ton of extra math and the need to get creative when it comes to use of space. 

We decided to work on The Bucky (as we fondly call it) room by room, starting with the easier ones we would like to use as we go. Since we already repainted the bedroom (When I had bronchitis earlier this year, I got sick of being surrounded by hospital green walls while I was literally bed-ridden - so I got out of bed and painted it white), we decided the best place to start would be the ensuite bathroom. 

Here's my inspo so far. I know I want it to be mostly black and white with a charcoal floor, and wood detailing. I'm also envisioning something unique with the bathroom sink, although I haven't settled on anything yet. Oh! and lots of storage.. we have a unique little nook and a slanted wall thanks to the geodesic shape, and it actually makes it perfect for a little extra storage or an extra long, angled counter. 

But of course, I'm the details person, so of course I couldn't help but pick out accessories before we even start the project. Hope you like the inspo and hop to the bottom to see my top bathroom shopping picks for a total refresh whether you're renovating or not!