/ DRESS (same print   HERE  , same cut   HERE   and   HERE  )/ JEANS (similar   HERE  ) /   SHOES   / 

/ DRESS (same print HERE, same cut HERE and HERE)/ JEANS (similar HERE) / SHOES

Having long legs is usually seen as an asset - until you try to fit yourself in one of those coveted, flirty little mini dresses that have become so popular within the last few seasons. And while you may feel confident in front of the mirror, in the privacy of your own home sans any inkling of a breeze, the minute you step out that front door, the threat of an inevitable personal exposé is the only thing you (or anyone else) will be thinking about for the rest of the day. 

So how do you rock the mini dress with mile long legs? It's easier than ever, now that fitted flares are an option. There's something about that flared hem that compliments a flirty hemline so well. It's perfectly balanced proportions. It's slimming, supremely comfortable, surprisingly chic, and even adds a little extra casual sophistication to the dress. Plus, it opens up your entire wardrobe for new possibilities, and even extends the life of those wee little summer dresses far past summer's expiration date, making them an excellent fall layering piece. 

And while this trick may sound like it's mostly just for tall girls, this look works just as well for our shorter counterparts and can actually give an elongating effect. Just make sure the hem is short, the thighs fitted, and if you still want a little extra length, there's a bit of a heel on the shoe.



Photos by Kelsey Bollig