All images via   Pinterest

All images via Pinterest

Apologies in advance for my excessive Pinterest-ing, but our brains have been whirring away as we start to collect inspiration and conceptualize ideas for our next interior projects. Over the weekend, Nikko and I started talking about using color to make certain rooms pop, which turned into something of a debate on color. While we are usually in agreement with most design choices (or at least we know where each other's strengths are and let each other do our thing in those areas), the thing we disagree the most about is color. Nikko tends to prefer bolder, masculine choices, while I tend to gravitate towards softer, neutral versions of the same colors (but always with a bold pop of some kind - the rug at Cactus Mountain is a perfect example).

But for the most part, with these next few rooms, we somehow ended up completely on the same page. Here's a little inspo of the color palette that's starting to shape up quite nicely, plus a few favorite accessories I've been eyeing to bring a little extra color into any room after the jump.