All photos taken at the   Monkey Tree Hotel

All photos taken at the Monkey Tree Hotel

Since we're planning a pretty big trip with a huge portion of our family for our 10 year anniversary, we decided to keep the personal celebration low key and focus on what matters most - spending time with each other in a beautiful, intimate setting (with a pool, duh). 

Since Albert Frey is hands down my favorite architect of all time, it was such a treat to get to spend it at the Monkey Tree Hotel, which was originally designed by him in 1960 and most recently converted (as of two years ago) from a nudist colony into what is easily one of the most stunning hotels in Palm Springs (and we've visited almost all of them at this point).

There are a few things that make this hotel extra special. It starts of course, with Albert Frey and his appreciation for and attention to the natural landscape. The slanting roofline of the Monkey Tree Hotel was intentionally created to be in harmony with the backdrop of the mountains. Frey's incorporation of the natural world around him is exactly what makes him such a special architect - being known even to track the sun during the day to decipher the perfect placement of his creations. And this perfect placement of every aspect of the structure of The Monkey Tree Hotel is evident from any angle.

Another thing that made our stay so memorable was the privacy we had while we were there, cuddling up in the tastefully decorated room #8, with one-way windows so we could throw open the curtains during the day for the a private, gorgeous view of the pool and mountains.

Toss in the most incredible homemade gourmet complimentary breakfast (I mean like next level - homemade granola, fresh baked bread, gazpacho, and broccoli and onion quiches made from scratch), the sauna and cold plunge (which ended up being a favorite of mine), and the most lovely staff we've come across, and yea, you could say The Monkey Tree Hotel made a huge impression.
SWIMSUIT   (ps this suit is eco-friendly, affordable, and one of the best fitting suits I've ever owned)

SWIMSUIT (ps this suit is eco-friendly, affordable, and one of the best fitting suits I've ever owned)

We even left our mark on their rock wall before we left! This was a very special trip for us, and I'm so looking forward to our return... but until then, it's time to start planning our Alaska trip! 



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli and moi