Can you believe it's already July? I was really hoping to have gotten to Palm Springs by now, but life is good at getting in the way. Not that I'm complaining, it has all been good and I can't wait to share some pretty exciting new developments - both in my life and right here.



So what do you do when you can't get to Palm Springs? Find the closest best thing. Which happens to be incredibly close by. I grew up 5 minutes walking distance from Stanford University in Palo Alto and yet somehow, I never came across their incredible cactus garden. Seeing as my husband is something of a garden/plant junkie (he can literally grow anything - we even once lived off the land for an entire year when we were living on a vineyard), he's already been there a billion times and was happy to play tour guide. And as for the dangers of wearing short shorts in a cactus garden, yes, I did get scratched (impaled even). And yes, it was more than once. Still, it was totally worth it.



WEARING: Choies Laser Tank, Vintage cut-off Levi's, Céline SunglassesD&J Rastaclat Bracelet, Infinitine HammerStatement x Rune, and Chevron Knuckle Rings, Windsor Ring Set, Mephisto Sandals (similar sandals here)

Photos by Tienlyn and Nikko DeTranquilli