This week, we discovered this incredible blue door, tucked just around the corner from a street that I walk down regularly. It's so vibrant, that it's hard to believe I have walked by it time after time without ever noticing. Mid-way through snapping these shots, a woman from the hair salon across the street came over to us to tell us she had never noticed the door either until she saw us shooting. But now that she has seen it, it make her happy to be working across the street from such a pretty door

I haven't been wearing a lot of color lately, but for some reason, it has been consuming my thoughts. Because it's not that I don't love it, but more that I see it as something intimate. For me, that perfect color is something you hold out for - and then you fall in love with. And I really don't think there's any color I could love more than an absolutely perfect pale peach. It's soft and feminine, but at the same time is crisp and minimalist. What color makes you weak in the knees?