For some reason, wearing all black during the summer seems a lot more exciting than fall/winter.  It just seems more crisp, contrasting that much more against bright colors and hot sun. But then again, come fall, I'll probably be wearing just as much black as I am right now.

Speaking of black, and then again, not really at all related, I usually prefer my hair to take as little effort as possible (natural color, long, unruly, barely brushed and loosely curled) but lately, I've been craving a change. It has been three years since I last forayed into the world of ombre and I'm thinking of giving it another round. If there's any kind of change that could work for me, I feel like this would be it - it's low maintenance and the best part is, who cares about your roots. What do you think? Would love an opinion or two before I take the plunge...