I have always been very attracted to the idea of wearing lingerie as regular clothes. It makes sense on a lot of levels. First of all, there's a high chance that it might be the prettiest thing you've got on. And secondly, there is absolutely nothing better for setting the day off right than a perfect pair of skivvies or a well-fit bra. Nothing.

Of course, there is that naggy little issue of public decency - and while I am not quite ready to wear my bra to the supermarket, I will more than happily give the illusion of such. Who knows, perhaps this shirt is a semi-literal 'training bra' for future, more daring interior as exterior endeavors.



Wearing:  Front Row Shop Fake Bra T-Shirt, Vintage DIY Levi Cutoffs, Converse Sneakers, Alice and Leon Sail Earrings, Alice and Leon Gold Midi Ring and Silver Midi Ring, Monserat DeLucca Ohm Ring (love this version too), Vintage Bracelets c/o Mom

Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli