For years I preferred dressing for fall and winter over summer. I was all about the coats and the boots, and all those great cold-weather accessories that would accompany. Summer would leave me feeling unenthusiastic - I mean, how many times can you throw on shorts and a tank top or a summer dress, right? But lately, the answer is not enough. Nowadays I can't seem to get enough of wispy, toss-on dresses. They're so simple and easy - two things that always make me feel more beautiful than any over-elaborate look.

As the summer really starts to kick off, I'm starting to get the travel bug. While visiting friends and my husband's family in Toronto is definitely on the list for summer, I'm also contemplating a few in-state getaways in the immediate future. Right now, it's a toss up between Palm Springs and Santa Barbara. Or maybe both? I means, having a billion destinations in a single state is, after all, one of the greatest joys of living in California.