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There's nothing like an overpacked week and a rassle with a 36-ish hour flu-like thing to really make you appreciate the weekend. It's the two days of the week that I really allow myself to stop worrying about the daily to-do list and put to action the things I find myself growing more and more passionate about. Aside from a growing daydream of living on an organic farm and raising chickens (#farmcore is the new #normcore, y'all) my other passions have been to explore as much as possible as well as spend as much time in warm weather as possible. Something you need to be proactive about if you live in San Francisco.

I'm not even quite sure where we shot this. Somewhere between the outskirts of the city I know and a place we would have never ended up had not we intentionally allowed ourselves to get a little lost. I may never rediscover this place, and I kind of like that. It makes the city seem so much larger - and so very full of potential.