My latest and favorite thing has been to pair something that's on the sexier side and might almost feel formal with a pair of flat sandals. It puts a cool twist on the look and also completely breathes new life into the tried and true bodycon silhouette. And I love the juxtaposition. Not to mention that flats make it that much easier (and more comfortable) to wear this look throughout the entire day. Literally, this combination is almost life changing.

Another thing that is kind of life changing are the early morning workouts I have been doing at Soulcycle. It is the most fun I have ever had in a workout class, not to mention the most I have sweat, not counting Bikram yoga. And since I got the ball rolling with early morning workouts, it has been easier than ever to work out regularly without having to stress about fitting it into my schedule. Plus, it clears the mind and wakes me up more than a double shot of espresso.

Actually, I'm about to head out for a quick run, but one last thing before I leave you - tomorrow I am taking over the Pose Instagram so make sure to follow me throughout the day - I have a fun one planned!