This past March, I cut out dairy and all animal protein from my diet (except for the occasional pastured egg and I also eat honey). While I lamented the loss of a few comfort foods for the first few weeks, the change in how I felt, looked, and in my energy levels was pretty astounding.

The last few years have been made up of several changes to my lifestyle - both in how I eat, as well as a completely different approach to fitness (more on this down the line).  And with what started as a shift in what I put into my body, has begun to include what I put on my body as well.

For me all good, lasting change has to happen in small, achievable steps. So while I continue to learn more about the benefits of natural beauty (while simultaneously attempting to master the craft of making my own beauty products), I thought I would start to share some of my current favorite products that I feel are not only doing something right, but are small steps towards a greatly improved beauty routine.

(See all the way at the bottom for a full list of products and what they are doing right.)



Julie Hewett Bijou LipstickVegan. Organic Camellia Oil.

Organic Camellia oil is incredibly moisturizing. It softens wrinkles and even heals scars. Plus, every color is flattering on a range of skin tones (my top lip pick for summer colors)

Moxie Solid Perfume: Vegan. Botanical and Oil-based.

I have come to prefer solid perfumes because they provide a great alternative to synthetic, alcohol-based spray options and are far better for both your skin and also to inhale. This scent is a mix of Vanilla Bourbon with a touch of Jasmine. It's pretty and subtle, while still totally sultry. I love keeping it in my purse and it works great for night or day.

Konjac Sponge Puffs:  Vegan. Kosher. 100% Natural. Biodegradable.

These sponges work for the most sensitive skin, give an excellent deep clean, and help stimulate blood flow and encourage new cell growth.  The Bamboo Charcoal Puff contains activated charcoal (one of my top 5 favorite beauty ingredients of all time) and other minerals to help fight bacteria. The French Clay Puff is excellent for ultra deep cleaning and absorbs oil, dirt and bacteria. Both are great for oily skin or combination skin. Using these feels like a total luxury. I keep one hanging in the shower and they're one of my favorite parts of my beauty routine.

Egyptian Magic Lotion: Natural. Additive, Preservative, Fragrance, Chemical and Paraben free.

I'm a huge fan of all-purpose creams and this is one of two favorites (the other one being Alaffia's multi-purpose cream).  You can literally use this for almost anything from an eye cream to a hair mask, a moisturizer, and anything in between.  The ingredients are simple yet highly effective: Olive Oil and Beeswax, which are moisturizing and healing, Bee Pollen, which nourishes the top layer of your skin and absorbs free radicals, Royal Jelly to encourage skin renewal and collagen production, Honey, which has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties (and is so good for your skin that you can actually wash your face with it), and Bee Propolis which promotes healing and regeneration. This lives on my bedside table. I use it instead of an eye cream and as a moisturizer particularly on my neck and décolletage.

Other:  Infinitine HammerStatement x Rune, and Chevron Knuckle Rings,  Alice and Leon Gold Midi Ring and Silver Midi RingAlice and Leon Sailer EarringsKrystal Knight RingsKinfolk Volume 12