And just like that, Coachella is (basically) here! I'm so excited about this year because not only is this is actually my first time to Coachella, but it's also basically in my backyard, so I can take full advantage! 

I'm the kind of nerd who likes to prepare way in advance, which means getting all of my essentials lined up, cataloged, and ready to go. Read on to see my ultimate festival essentials, and just what makes them so essential. 





Ok let's start with this pretty amaze bag from Armadio, which is a new brand that just recently launched, specializing in high quality Italian leather goods, but without the markup that we in the US are so used to. I love that the quality is top notch, but it's not a break-the-bank bag. I also love that even though it's small and compact (and a crossbody so you can stay hands-free the entire day), you can actually fit a lot into it. Let me prove it to you....


/ Headphones /

Ok so it may seem weird to bring headphones to a festival, but I've been surprised at how many times I wish I've had headphones with me at past festivals. There's a lot of traveling and a lot of waiting in line, which to me, is perfect headphone time. They're also perfect for pretending you can't hear someone when you want to avoid conversations with strangers. Not that I ever do that (all the time) or anything... 

These headphones are from Sudio and they are my latest favorites. They're like the Mercedes of the headphone world. They're gorgeous, and feel weirdly good in your ears. Besides brief antisocial bouts, this is another reason why I sometimes wear them even when I'm not playing music...



Ivyrevel is another brand that just re-launched and while I won't be needing my passport for the next few months, I've taken to carrying around any hard copy tickets, my ID, and my business cards in this cute little number. Stay tuned, because I have more to show you from this new brand obsession of mine! Everything from them is so good!

When it comes to iPhone cases for the 6 plus, there really isn't a lot out there yet - and even less that are elegant and sleek. Enter my Ullu phone case, which I can't get enough of. Finally, something as fancy as my fancy phone! But even if you have a 6, 5, or something else (iPad, Macbook, etc) they have some pretty amazing options that are worth checking out. 

 I've come to terms with my jewelry addiction. In fact, I've come to fully celebrate it. Jennifer Tuton makes pieces that are both delicate, but still statement, and perfect for every day. I love this locket because even though it comes with super pretty crystals in it, I'm already thinking of what else I can keep in it. Right now I'm thinking sand from all of my favorite places in the world... 



What. You think I woke up like this? NOT QUITE, my dear friends! In fact on most days, first thin in the morning is a long ways off from the final product. I'm not big on foundation, especially for events like festivals. Instead, I prefer a good primer, like this mattifying primer from Makeup Forever, because sun + face = shiny beast and I prefer not to go there if possible. But of course who doesn't need a little coverage? I've been really into their concealer as well - a little goes a long way, and provides excellent coverage. Oh. And it doesn't leave discolored spots where you apply it, it actually blends really well into your skin. 

I avoid foundation when I can because not only do I want my skin to breathe, but I am also a serial sunscreen junkie. I take the reapply sunscreen every 2 hours very very seriously. The Ultra Veil sunscreen from Amarté is quite easily one of my favorites I've ever found. First of all, it's SPF 50+ and protects from UVA and UVB. Secondly, it's lightweight and leaves you looking beautiful and not like a total grease monster. 

Photos by me