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It seems like every time we are about to get settled down into a routine, it’s time pick up and take off again! We just got back from the dreamiest stay at The Monkey Tree Hotel and are already gearing up for one helluva road trip, directly followed by a cruise to Alaska with about 40 family members to celebrate both our 10 year anniversary and my dad’s birthday, followed by potentially a few work days in LA before we head home...


Not only that, but a lot of this trip we’ll be flying by the seat of our pants, making impromptu stops and detours, and definitely some random outdoor adventures. So how does one pack for a roadtrip slash boat trip when you aren’t sure of the details?  

Well to start, you bring a lot more high-functioning, portable products with you! Here’s a quick breakdown of some surprisingly hands things to take to the road with, but first I just want to mention that this Maxwell Scott Flero bag has been a dream to pack - it’s surprisingly roomy (if you watched my insta stories over last weekend, you’ll notice I crammed several bottles of champagne plus a few days’ worth of clothes and toiletries in it and it held its shape beautifully) and it’s by far the most gorgeous carryon/weekender I’ve ever owned.


Aubry Lane Wireless Portable Charger: I got this charger with my new Aubry Lane bag (you’ll be seeing it soon), and it’s absolutely fantastic. Not only is it a portable charger, but it’s also wireless, meaning I can just set my phone down on it to charge it. However, you can use a usb cord to charge up to two devices at a time as well! Perfect for bedside in an AirBnB, or if you randomly find yourself on a hike in the middle of nowhere because your husband saw a ‘cool path’ and wanted to ‘see where it went’ (true story that lasted 8 hours…)

Aubry Lane Amulet: I have a whole post coming on this soon as I had a pretty scary experience about 6 months ago that I really wish I had had this for. Why, you ask? Because it’s essentially a 1-button SOS emergency cell phone with texting, calling, and GPS which I really think (no more than ever) that every woman should have on her at all times. Especially if you’re planning on spending long days on the road! More on this and what happened later…

Monthly Gift Feminine Care Products: Let’s be honest - is there anything worse than finding Aunt Flow at your door when you’re unprepared? Not only does Monthly Gift send customized products for your specific cycle to your door (no more late night tampon hauls), but for every Monthly Gift shipped, they donate a day’s worth of products to a girl in need. Plus, they have a period tracking app - and since I like to obsessively track basically every aspect of my life (on a productivity app-kick RN), this is so up my alley.

Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Pods: I don’t know when I became a coffee snob, but I kind of am - and that can be rough on the road. So instead of dealing with 7-11 coffee, I like to pack Chameleon Organic Cold Brew Coffee Pods. Just pop one in a jar, stick it in a cooler with ice for a couple hours, and you’ve got quality coffee on the road!


OLIKA Birdie Hand-Sanitizer: By now you’ve seen my little Birdie friend a couple times, as it’s 100% my number one grab and go product. You touch a lot of weird stuff on the road (and I’m guessing a lot of weird stuff on the boat too) so this is a must-have - especially if there’s the chance of impromptu camping (which I pray there is none). One thing I didn’t mention which is super cool about Birdie, is that he comes with 10 dry wipes in his base - all you have to do it squirt a little sanitizer onto them and you’ve got a fresh towelette! I’ve even used this to clean my face after a hike before, which somehow magically prevented any breakouts (most of my breakouts happen from sweat from workouts, etc). Probably not what it was meant for, but if you’re in a pinch, it works! Plus, it smells amazing so that’s always helpful!


Tangle Teezer Smoothing Tool: I try to keep it low key when it’s a long trip and a lot of schlepping, so my Tangle Teezer Smoothing Tool brush is the perfect companion, allowing almost any hotel hair dryer to do the job of my mega dryer and straightener - which means I get to leave them both at home! It gives a salon-level smooth blowout that helps prevent frizz, which in turn makes your ‘do last that much longer. Which means less maintenance. Which means more fun.

All-in-One Egg Mellow Cream Moisturizer: I love my beauty products, especially when it comes to skin care! But I don’t want to schlep them all with me into the woods or wherever we’re actually going (can you tell I’m super unprepared for this trip?). The Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream is an all-in-one powerhouse that brightens, firms, and fights aging. Packed with goodies like collagen, egg yolk, and egg white extracts, it’s a fabulous lazy girl go-to for when you don’t feel like spending forever in the bathroom (but you want to look like you did).

It Cosmetics CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder: I’m not big on wearing a billion makeup products at a time (I literally do not have the attention span), and especially when traveling. So when I do wear something, I want it to work - and work well. I’ve gone through a million different powders to find this one (and if you read regularly, you’ll notice I really don’t talk about a lot of powders because I really don’t like a ton of them, so this is a big deal). It’s talc free so it doesn’t crack or settle into fine lines or pores, and it does way more than prevent shine (which it also does). I’ve been just using this for coverage with the IT Cosmetics Perfect Lighting Wand and it’s literally all I need for full coverage and anti-shine - plus it adds radiance just like the Perfect Lighting Wand and it has physical SPF 50+. Enough said.

IT Cosmetics Perfect Lighting Wand: You’re on the road for 8 hours when you want to stop and take a selfie next to the world’s largest ball of yarn. Except, those bags under your eyes are scaring all the other tourists away - until you dig around in your bag and suddenly come up looking suspiciously refreshed. Either there’s a spa in your trunk or your IT Cosmetics Perfect Lighting Wand is an actual magic wand. Hydrolyzed pearl adds subtle radiance without a glitter or shimmer effect, which is big for me as I much prefer natural looking highlights to a ‘going up on a tuesday’ kind of look. But yea, this stuff is kind of magical. Aka, highly effective.  

L’oreal Pure-Clay Cleanser: This trip, I’ve decided to be honest with myself and admit that not matter how many face masks I bring with me, I probably won’t use them. So this Pure-Clay Cleanser is my alternative! It’s a cleanser, but it’s also got all the beneficial properties of a clay mask - and sometimes I just leave it on a little extra long which seems to do the trick in a pinch! This is my favorite of all their Clay Cleansers, mostly due to the fact that it’s surprisingly brightening.

Skinade 30 Day Vacation Edition: If you’ve been watching my stories, you’ll notice that I’ve been drinking Skinade, an anti-aging collagen drink that’s meant to improve the way your skin looks and feels  in as little as 30 days. And guess what, so far so good! I’ve definitely noticed a difference in hydration, which for me means less fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, considering I’ve been surviving on 5-6 hours of sleep for the last month, I look pretty darn rested regardless. These are their travel packs, which makes maintaining at least one healthy habit much easier. And considering they taste amazing (mango and mangosteen flavored), I actually look forward to drinking them!

Welp, I’m packed and ready to go, can’t wait to share our adventures with you! Stay tuned....