/ BLAZER (vintage, similar   HERE  ) / PANTS (similar   HERE ,  HERE ,  and   HERE  )/   BUSTIER   /   SHOES   /   BRACELET  /    BELT  / 

/ BLAZER (vintage, similar HERE) / PANTS (similar HERE, HERE, and HERE)/ BUSTIER / SHOES / BRACELET / BELT

While trends come and go, there are some you hold on to regardless - either due to personal affinity or due to the fact that the quality of the style assures their return. I smashed a few of these together in this look, starting with the oversized blazer a la Annie Hall slash 80s powersuit (I snagged this tuxedo style one at a vintage shop when we were living in Melbourne), a splash of velvet (I prefer little touches or a dress when it comes to velvet and this bustier is amazing on its own as seen here, or layered over basically anything), and of course, the paperbag waist, which is both flattering and an extra comfy way to rock a pair of high waisted pants. 

And lastly, a little touch of fringe, which I much prefer to wear when we're not in the height of music festival season, as it can actually be quite sophisticated - especially when it comes in the form of chain fringe on one of my favorite bracelets of all time. 

And with that I'm off to catch the total eclipse, as we landed in Madras (aka Solartown USA) to see it in all its glory, directly in the path of totality! Make sure to watch for it today as it starts around 9 am PST!