I'm currently perched on a couch in Palm Desert, overlooking a view of endless, perfectly manicured palm trees, thinking about how lucky we are to live here. Even when the stress levels get high, one look at the various landscapes that surround us instantly drops you back into a calmer state. 

I recently caught up with an good friend I hadn't spoken to in a while and when the topic turned to health, as it often does with us, I realized that since the time we had last spoken, my approach to eating and caring for myself has become pretty dismal. I don't think I really realized this until I heard the shock in my friend's voice when he asked me what had happened. What had happened? Amongst my friends and peers, I used to be the poster child for wellness and self care. When did all those heavily ingrained habits fade away? Constant changes to routine and habitat will do that to a person, especially when paired with personal and worldly turmoil (yes, I'm blaming politics for my pizza habits).

Reviewing myself through my friend's perspective as one of the healthiest people he knew shocked me a little bit too. It made me realize that I was no longer that person - and that it had actually affected my attitude towards, well, everything. Feeling less healthy this year than ever before has taken a toll on my confidence. I no longer have the same assuredness in my body's ability. I've had to cancel multiple social events due to feeling ill. I've have had to take things slower, and the physical tasks I used to take on with no problem I now approach timidly. Even my normal, wildly positive fighter mentality has grown a little weary. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining here, I'm just 'realizing things.' Like how truly vital it is for me to eat well, to take time for myself, to sleep well, and to maintain physical strength. So while this is probably the worst time ever to do anything but prep for the projects and trips ahead, I've been focusing on eating better, maintaining a steady yoga practice, and taking a moment to appreciate the natural beauty around me. I'll be documenting a little bit more about my climb back to a healthy place as well as the things I've been struggling with here and there over the next few weeks in hopes that it keeps me accountable while hopefully providing some useful tips and info along the way. The fact that i'm already starting to feel a difference has me feeling super positive and very motivated!

Have a beautiful weekend and take care of yourselves!!