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Well, here I am playing with fences and flowers when I should probably be working on a million other things (I still haven't figured out our wifi situation for Italy yet - any suggestions?). But when it's 100 degrees out and you have a private yard and a pool, you kind of forget anything else.

Honestly, we've been working so intensely this year that I think a fuse might have blown - or the onset of warm weather may have already fried my brain. Not sure which, but suddenly all I want to do is lounge around, explore, and eat. I also have a strong existentialist desire to reassess and reorganize my life, but with so much up in the air this is hardly the time... putting those plans on the back burner till July, when I have a few other projects I've been tinkering with that I'm looking forward to sharing more about as well! 

P.S. this suit is from Andie Swim and I got to try on the whole collection at home before picking this suit (some of you might have seen this on my Insta Stories and thank you to everyone who helped me pick!). The navy was a very close runner up - I'm still drooling over the back straps and am thinking I might have to keep it too! If you're into one pieces (which is all I want to wear these days - I find them more sexy than bikinis), I highly recommend Andie Swim - it's woman run, designed, and manufactured in a woman-owned factory right in LA, with fair employee treatment, which reflects directly in the quality of the product. Full marks from me!



Photos by me