With the stress of finishing up all the work before the holidays, the craziness of hunting down a million gifts for loved ones, making travel plans, and any and all the other surprises that Mercury Retrograde likes to toss in, the last thing on my mind is spending a ton of effort on holidays makeup. That being said, it's also the time of year where I like to add a little impact. After all, it is the holidays and they should be fun, right? This year, this is my holiday makeup go-to look, and it only takes a few items, and a few minutes, to get it. 

I was pretty intrigued with Clarins's Lip Comfort Oil from the first time I tried it - it's nourishing, moisturizing, and looks fantastic on its own. But since it's the holidays, I topped it off with Clarins's Joli lipstick in their new shade of Rouge. It is the perfect holiday red, by the way, and super moisturizing in it own right. 


I went with Honey Glam for the Lip Comfort Oil, which has a slightly honey hue and a dash of shimmer. After applying my Joli lipstick on top of my first layer of Lip Comfort Oil, I topped it off with a little dab on the bottom lip to plump up the look for some serious pout. 

But here's where my favorite hack comes in.... 


Using my finger, I dabbed Lip Comfort Oil on my lids for a high gloss, high shine look that lasted all night long without a single smear. Not only did it not smear, but it didn't melt or stick to my eyelids - and I only need a single coat of mascara (and zero eyeliner) to make my eyes pop! 

I applied two layers for extra shimmer, but I'm also planning on wearing one coat for day. Jump below to get the whole makeup how-to...

  1. Start with your foundation done and brows groomed.

  2. Apply Lip Comfort Oil in Honey Glam to lips

  3. Apply bronzer but as a blush, only onto the apples of your cheeks (don't contour)

  4. Apply JOLI lipstick in Rouge to your lips

  5. Use your finger to add a dab of Lip Comfort Oil in Honey Glam to the center of your bottom lip for extra fullness

  6. Use as separate (clean) finger to apply Lip Comfort Oil in Honey Glam to your lids, but do not go above the crease.

  7. Reapply Lip Comfort Oil in Honey Glam to your lids for added buildup/impact (optional)



In partnership with Clarins