My fandomness for Cuyana has spanned years, starting with an appreciation of their quality and aesthetic, but it solidified when I learned about the company's ethos, of 'fewer, better things.' This is an ongoing goal/struggle/war for me, so finding a brand that supported such a goal was a big deal. And with the holidays on the horizon, the risk of getting and giving gifts that aren't really needed (and just end up as clutter) runs high. 

This year, my personal wishlist is extremely small. If there's anything countless back to back renovations will train you to do it's to really focus on function over whimsy. And besides some health-inspired items, my entire wishlist can basically be found at Cuyana, as they do the best job of combining usefulness with absolute beauty. 


I couldn't help but treat myself to this small jewelry case (I actually plan to use the leather coin purse for fine jewelry as it fits perfectly in the jewelry case) since apparently we already started making travel plans for 2018, and I'm sick of putting my jewelry in weird plastic bags, but my wishlist doesn't stop there. Also on my list is: this felted wool hat (the perfect winter hat for the desert bc we still get plenty of sun), this gold bar belt, and basically everything from their gift guide (but especially this structured leather box, and baby alpaca travel set). 


Cuyana is also the perfect place to gift from, as everything is clean, understated, and incredibly tasteful - pair that with how useful everything is, and I doubt anyone would be disappointed to find Cuyana under the tree ... hint hint.. ;) 



In collaboration with Cuyana