/   DRESS   /   SHOES   (Manolo, similar   HERE     and     HERE  )

/ DRESS / SHOES (Manolo, similar HERE and HERE)

As I run through the last of my Italy photos, I can help but feel a little nostalgic. It's such a cliché to bemoan the end of a trip, and even more so when your wistful reminiscing lasts longer than the actual trip itself. But this trip to Italy really was one of those types a person remembers for the rest of a lifetime. Fortunately, there's lots to look forward to, and plenty going on right at this moment. This week, we are picking up where we left off with painting The Buckminster House, and I get to finish up a few work projects before I jump into a few pretty exciting new ones - a few writing projects I can't talk about for a while (but that I'm really excited about), and a few other home design related ones I can probably start sharing with you next week.  

And then there's our anniversary to plan - since we're having a long celebration in August with the family, we're keeping it relatively small on the actual day, with a little local getaway. I'm torn between Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, Ojai, or to just cozy up in Palm Springs, and I kind of need to get on it asap - does anyone happen to have suggestions for any of the above by the way? 

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!