With so many trips scheduled for this year (next month alone, we have three planned), my skin has been and will be exposed to a myriad of different climates and environments - and while travel may be ideal for a mental reset, it’s not exactly the case for my skin. Whenever I have a lot of changes coming, I tend to resort back to ol’ faithful products that I know are fail proof.

As anyone who may be a regular reader here may have picked up on, I have been a huge fan of Biossance for several years - in fact, they’re the first company that introduced me to the concept of both squalane, and face oil in general, with their 100% plant-based Squalane Oil.

But wait, let me back up for a second and fill you in on why squalane is absolutely imperative for your skin. The human body actually produces its own version of squalane, which keeps your skin hydrated naturally, and locks in moisture. However over time, the amount your body makes starts decreasing, which is why using squalane-based products is so effective when it comes to maintaining beautiful skin over the years, replenishing your body with what it once had.

Sounds easy enough - just buy squalane products and you should be good, right?  Except that most squalane is derived from shark livers, which, considering that squalane is a highly sought after luxury ingredient, makes the process of cultivating it huge threat to the shark population (not to mention the fact that I don’t want something derived from shark liver on my face).

However after years of research, Biossance scientists found a way to sustainably create a 100% plant-based squalane, derived from sugarcane that is produced just as safely and effectively as it is from the human body, allowing us to take back our skin without harming a single shark.

Possibly my favorite product from Biossance is their Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil - if you know me by now, you probably know that Vitamin C is in my top three favorite ingredients of all time - both for it’s ability to help protect your skin from environmental factors, as well as its ability to improve skin texture and tone.

While learning about the benefits of squalane oil is one thing, trying it out for yourself is a completely different experience. The first time I dropped a dab of Biossance Squalane oil on my hand and saw the difference (it’s really lightweight and surprisingly non-greasy, btw - and works under makeup), I was hooked.

If there’s one brand/product to try this year, this might be the one I recommend the most as you really do see and feel the difference almost immediately. And since it’s always easier to start with a minimal investment, here’s a link for 100% Squalane Oil and the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil deluxe samples.

Aside from the $5 shipping fee, there’s no requirements - no sign ups, subscriptions, or anything like that. And since a little goes a long way with both these products, you’ll most likely be using these samples for a while, so you’ll really be able to notice the difference.

I’ve actually picked up a few of these samples as gifts since most of my friends are Biossance fanatics at this point. And I’m packing a few up for our next trip to Big Bear or Ojai (we haven’t decided yet) since the sizes are so perfect.

I would happily bathe in the stuff if I could, so I’m excited for you to try these products too - if you do, let me know how you like them - and which one is your favorite!



In partnership with Biossance