These were shot during our trip to San Diego a little while back. While I've been to San Diego a few times, it never really hit me how big it was until this trip. So while we did a lot of fun stuff, I thought I would just share with you my top three favorite things we did while there:

Coffee & Tea Collective: Gorgeous space, friendly baristas, and one of the best almond lattes I've had in a while - served in a super photogenic cup, by the way. 

PuestoApparently beautiful spaces are important to me when it comes to trying a new restaurant. Puesto is so pretty and the La Jolla location is only a short distance from water, and in La Jolla, one of my favorite areas for just walking around. (Which is a huge plus for digesting all the fish tacos you should be eating here.) Plus, a definite must is their crab guacamole. I don't know why I never thought of this combo before, because after one bite, it makes total sense.

Marine Street Beach: I didn't know that one of the big claim to fames is that Mitt Romney's Beach House is on this beach until we got here, and were asked several times by passing cars where he lived. What I did instantly notice about it is that it's pretty much the perfect lay out on the beach and occasionally dip in the ocean type of beach. And if you're into house oggling like I am, this is the right neighborhood to do it in. 

As I plan to be back sometime this year, is there anything you know about in San Diego that I should check out next time I'm there?