Sometimes it's the simplest of things that make the biggest impressions. Like light, fresh white essentials with just the right smattering of detail. I used to worry that too much of my closet was taken up by my collection of white dresses, and then I realized that it really is what I wear the most of on a regular basis. And that's pretty much fine with me. 

Plus, it provides the perfect backdrop for a splash of color, via any accessories I might choose to add. Oh and P.S. see the monogrammed silver cuff? Make sure to check back tomorrow to find out how you can win one of your own.  Plus, there's a story behind why I had it monogrammed with 'Full Force.'  It's far more personal than I usually get on the blog, but I really wanted to share this story with you because while it might be an incredibly sad one, it's also something that really inspired me and in the end, made me realize how precious every moment is. And hopefully, it might inspire you too. 

Till tomorrow,