Right when I think I want to settle in and not move around for too much, I get the itch to pick up and head off again. That's been the theme this year, and it's what's in store for us for a few more months. After Hawaii, we have a few short days before we head back down to Cactus Mountain. While I really want to have a chance to rest for a moment, I'm also really excited to make a little more progress down in Joshua Tree. We've got a lot of the big stuff out of the way - things like air conditioning, replacing windows, building a bathroom hallway and tiling the shower, and next up on our list (I think) is the kitchen and working on our gray water system. I love the fact that we can water our plants with the water we use in the house - having a more eco-friendly, self-sustaining home has always appealed to me and I'm so happy we are actually doing it! 

Hope you're having an amazing week!