What is it about a vacation that makes crisp, clean whites so enticing? My theory is that when you are traveling somewhere else, your life becomes simpler and more straightforward. Your current surroundings are your world for the time being, and in turn, this effects how you approach dressing. Well, that's my theory at least. 

I wore this for art walk on Front Street in Lahaina, which they have every Friday night. We go every time we are in town, and have our regular stops, but the thing I love best is getting ice cream with Nikko and people watching. We love trying to guess (or invent) people's stories, who they're on vacation with, etc. This year, my favorites were a casually dressed couple - the girl had a tank top tossed on over a light sunburn that read 'Trophy Wife.' They both had humongous smiles on their faces and I'm convinced it was their honeymoon. They looked so comfortable and happy with each other, that it just radiated. 

Do you people watch? Where's your favorite spot to do it?