/   DRESS   (Take 24% off with the code TIENLYN24)/   EARRINGS   /   SHOES   /

/ DRESS (Take 24% off with the code TIENLYN24)/ EARRINGS / SHOES /

With a million things to pack and prep, I somehow had forgotten all about a dress for my sister's rehearsal dinner in Tuscany until about an hour before we were supposed to leave. I ran to the closet, pulled this dress off the rack, and without even trying it (it had come in the mail the day before), stuffed it into my suitcase with the reasoning that even if it didn't work, it's so lightweight it would hardly weigh me down. Turns out, I had made one of the smartest packing decisions of the entire trip. 

Not only did it fit like a glove, but it's deliciously slinky. Plus, it suited the scenery so well. It's now one of my favorite dresses - and it was only 15 pounds! And with the right accessories, I'll be able to wear it for countless occasions. It just goes to show that with careful editing, you really can find incredible pieces anywhere. 

This dress just found a place of honor in my wardrobe and I don't doubt there will be countless times I'll be pulling it out again.. 

I'm writing this as we touch down in California and head straight back to real life. (Although returning to good old gorgeous California after a trip is never a disappointment). If you're around at noon PST, make sure to watch me host the FB live bag trend report for the Great Mall here! I have some really gorgeous bags picked out with special prices and deals you won't be able to get anywhere else. See you soon!