/   SUIT   / PANTS (Cara Pants, in Tortora   HERE  , in Black   HERE  ) /   SHOES   /   NECKLACE   / 

/ SUIT / PANTS (Cara Pants, in Tortora HERE, in Black HERE) / SHOES / NECKLACE

When packing for well over two weeks (including makeup and outerwear for two brides and two gowns), suitcase space becomes a serious commodity. Which, is of course, why I chose to bring multiple swimsuits. While that might sound unreasonable, it was actually a pragmatic choice - as they double perfectly as bodysuits. And when they're as gorgeous as these hand-crafted, Panarea pieces, they also double as formal-wear. Which is lucky for me, as we have had more formal dinners these past two weeks than I've had all year. And even luckier considering I spent every moment I could by the gorgeous infinity pool at our Tuscan estate, which meant being able to change for dinner at the very last second (ie tossing my pants on over my Olivia Suit) was supremely useful.

I'm so obsessed with this pant/one piece combo, that I'm considering it in white and gold as well... what do you think?