Gotta love a sweater that works just as well for summer, am I right? Right now, I've only got a handful of sweaters in my actual closet as the rest of them are either packed up, or on their way out the door, thanks to my current closet clean-out frenzy. 

In a way, I always thought Spring Cleaning was overhyped. Not that it's not essential (because it is), but because cleaning out my closet is more of a quarterly thing to me. And one of the seasons that I enjoy it the most is summer. Why is cleaning out your wardrobe so important? Because believe it or not, more is not always better. I've found that when my closet is stuffed full, I don't actually know what I have in there, so I end up wearing a smaller percentage of my entire wardrobe than when I have far fewer things. 

This year, I'm doing a major overhaul, and hauling a bunch of amazing things over to Twice, and making some extra cash while doing it. If you don't live in the Bay Area, you can still send your things in here, but if you do live in the Bay Area, then I highly recommend bringing your stuff into their exclusive Bay Area Pop Up Shop in the Castro, going on now until June 30th. Plus, they're accepting a lot more than just clothes - think everything from small home goods to power tools, to electronics and sporting goods. So really, it's like the ultimate house cleanse. Click HERE for more details. 

Are you religious about Spring Cleaning or are you like me and like to do it more than just one time a year?