While we haven't quite gotten to the fun part of designing Cactus Mountain, the progress that we have made has started to get our minds racing. Nikko and I both have strong visions of what we want the end result to be like. When we try to describe it, we generally just call it modern boheme. As in, we started with the thought that it was going to essentially be mostly modern with a little mid-century woven throughout. But somewhere along the way, we started falling in love with some really gorgeous, eclectic boho pieces that we just couldn't leave alone.

These inspo images are a small taste of what we're thinking for the inside. We already bought a pink rug, some leather poufs, and this gorgeous Spanish graphic tile for the kitchen. Not to mention a little gold rhino for good luck (apparently rhinos signal good luck just like elephants do!). Once we get a little further, I'm really excited to share some before and after photos too - but in the meantime, I have a feeling I'll be doing this again soon with the outdoor living room, as that's starting to become its own little world as well.

P.S. Sharing some of the pieces I came across during my multiple late night 'research shopping' binges below.