While I may have chosen to skip actively partaking in Fashion Week this season, that doesn't mean I haven't had my eye on some of the gorgeous new collections coming in. One that really caught my attention was this season's Sophia Kah's series of feminine pieces with a bold timelessness to them, illustrating that romance does not mean having to let go of an element of power whatsoever. 

Inspired by the architect Luis Barragan's approach to color blocking, Ana Sophia, founder of Sophia Kah paired light, soft colors agains stark black to highlight the architectural elements of the female form. Light corsetry adds sculptural strength to the unapologetic and brilliant use of lace as the foundation of each dress, creating a collection that is wearable, timeless, and utterly dreamy. I can't help but think that these are dresses for the modern day heroine of a modern  fairy tale. But also that the heroine who wears these dresses, would hardly need a prince to save her. 

While this collection will be available at Harrods in London, take a look at some past collection dresses at the bottom that are currently available at Barney's.

Which is your favorite?