/   TOP c/o Lulus   /   PANTS c/o Lulus   /   SHOES c/o Lulus   / BAG (Oliveve, similar   HERE  ) /   HAT   / 

/ TOP c/o Lulus / PANTS c/o Lulus / SHOES c/o Lulus / BAG (Oliveve, similar HERE) / HAT

Even though I feel as though I'm writing this from my deathbed (aka sudden and incredibly stubborn bronchitis that has left me a total and complete mess), I can still feel the warmth from the day we snapped these shots. Spring is in full swing in the desert. Our apricot tree is blooming, the birds are singing, with 80 degree weather trading places with rain more and more often. 

While we'll probably be working through most of it, as we're getting so close with the GeoDome, I can help but look forward to the more carefree days that I know will come later. And I can't help but start to outfit plan for those days right now (partially because I'm still mentally in denial of both my bronchitis and procrastination of the boatloads of work that still need to be done, mostly in ripped jeans and old t-shirts).  One thing I know is that culottes will be the answer to many things, and light, smocked little numbers will be gracing my fantasy days off on repeat. 

Do you plan your warm weather wardrobe way in advance or do you wait for the heat?