/ JACKET (  similar  ) / DRESS (similar   HERE   and   HERE  ) / SOCKS (  similar  ) /   SHOES   / SUNGLASSES (  in black here  ) / EARRINGS (  coming soon here  ) / 

/ JACKET (similar) / DRESS (similar HERE and HERE) / SOCKS (similar) / SHOES / SUNGLASSES (in black here) / EARRINGS (coming soon here) / 

While I'm often wearing new items on the blog, my everyday wardrobe is significantly smaller and more repeatedly used. This outfit is a great example - it's a mix of mostly old things, with a few new goodies peppered in. From the first jacket I ever bought at Nasty Gal (over 6 years ago), to the perfect stretchy LBD, to the vintage Gucci socks a la my mom, or the Prada sunnies I bought with my first paycheck back in my PopSugar days, this is outfit has a lot of history - and gets a lot of wear. Add in some major hoops from Jenny Bird and my new Triton kicks made to celebrate their 50th year, and it's completely fresh again. Not to mention the red hair... 

Speaking of which, I picked up some amazing color-lasting tricks which I'll be sharing next week - perfect for that new hair you've been considering for the new season...




Photos by me

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