Now that we are fully in the swing of summer, the things I’ve found myself popping in my bag have definitely changed, and have definitely refocused on battling the subtle elements that summer throws at us. When you live in a place that’s sun and heat heavy and where moisture is scarce, certain everyday items go from ‘nice to have’ to ‘absolutely essential.’ Here’s a quick breakdown of my absolute must-haves for summer…

LUZERN SUNSCREEN: This is clearly a given during the summer, as it is all year long, but I particularly love this one for summer as it’s broad spectrum and a mineral sunscreen, which means more physical protection. I also love the size of the tube as it’s super easy to bring everywhere with me.

MAYA WATER FACIAL MIST: This has been a lifesaver! Not only from the heat, (we’ve been going to the golf courses a lot ever since Nikko started playing footgolf, and my favorite thing to do is spray this and then immediately start driving so that it really cools you down) but also from the overall lack of humidity. If you live in a dry climate, this is an essential. It’s a great little moisture boost for when you really need it. Plus, since it’s organic, I don’t feel bad spraying myself with it all day long.

IT COSMETICS JE NE SAIS QUOIS ROSE LIP TINT: Super moisturizing, with a super natural color that somehow manages to make my lips look plumper sans Kylie-style liner or even lipstick. This is literally all I want to wear on hot days!

SKYN ICELAND GLACIAL CLEANSING CLOTHS: I always feel the grime a little more during the summer months, and since I also wear a lot less makeup, these are fantastic for a quick mid-day cleanse. Plus, they actually foam up without water so you feel extra clean! Follow with facial mist and sunscreen, and you’re done!

BIRDIE, THE STEAL-WORTHY HAND SANITIZER: Speaking of grime, hand sanitizer is a must - and not the gross kind that smells like alcohol, either. I’ve mentioned Birdie, my “feathered friend,” in previous posts, and this summer I’ve been carrying him around in the Robin’s Egg color. I love his scent, and the fact that you’re applying aloe vera leaf juice and essential oils whenever you use him. So Birdie is actually hydrating your hands vs. drying them, (like some other sanitizers!) and leaving them better off than before!