We spent a few days in LA for some meetings, seeing friends, and hitting up a few favorite spots, not to mention indulging in a small respite from the desert heat, with most of our time being spent in DTLA and Abbot Kinney. The 14th Factory was our first stop, to see Simon Birch's exhibit that was overall, pretty mind blowing. I'm always interested in experiential art, and that's very much what this collective show of artists was all about. While the Kubrick Rebirth room was definitely a highlight, the thing I most took away with me most was the discovery of Li Wei's gravity-defying work that mixes performance art and photography in an incredibly fresh way (his pieces aren't collages btw, but rather mirror tricks, wires, and acrobatics, making it even more impressive). I think I like the absurdist aspect of his work the most, as well as the notion that it first appears almost comical, but each depicts a unique kind of observation about the world. 

We could have spent a few days just eating on Abbot Kinney (so many of my favorite restaurants are here - I could easily live off Gjelina and Felix for the rest of my life, but Butcher's Daughter and Tacos Por Favor are happily welcome too). And of course, a quick stop by Huset and the Tortoise General Store are my ultimate musts. 

Thanks to a couple work-related projects, we're planning a return in September and I'm literally planning a day just for eating. But for now, it's back to the desert and a week of work before our anniversary staycation next weekend - something I've been looking forward to for a loooong time!