[In collaboration with Macy’s, however all opinions are my own. #macysbeauty]

Sometimes, you want to give a gift that speaks directly to the recipient. Other times, you want to give a gift that shares more of a piece of yourself. So while I wanted to give my mother a fragrance for Mother’s Day that I felt spoke to her personality (see yesterday’s post), I also wanted to give her something that I use regularly too, and that might push her a little out of her comfort zone (see yesterday’s post about this too).

YSL’s Black Opium has had a place on my dressing table for quite a while. I also consider it a bit of a family tradition, as one of the first perfume bottles I ever owned was an empty bottle of YSL’s Opium - a little gift from my grandmother, who used to wear it every other day.

My grandmother was a humble, down-to-earth woman, who just happened to simultaneously be the most sophisticated and glamorous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on in real life. She was a painter, a romantic, and found poetry in everything. But at the same time, she was as bold and and strong as a person can get. And when I wear Black Opium, I always think of her.

So as an homage to my grandmother, and as a little piece of myself, I wanted to share Black Opium with my mother as well. And considering the main note is coffee, followed by jasmine sambac and vanilla beans, I already know my mother will love it.

Macy’s has a wide selection of sizes, so if you want to take a chance on a new fragrance as a gift, this might be the perfect way to do it. Or if you’d like me an accidentally shop for yourself, you might want to pick up a bigger bottle - as this is one scent I could easily wear every day and for every occasion.