by Tienlyn Jacobson


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[In partnership with Macy’s, however all opinions are my own]

Giving perfume on special occasions has become a tradition amongst the women in my family. It's a gift I really enjoy giving, either because I'm gifting them a fragrance I know they love, but also because it gives me the opportunity to let someone try something different. I've found that a fragrance can really draw out different aspects of one's personality. It can also help you explore sides of you that perhaps you might not pay attention to that often.

My mother is a playful person who is always brimming with enthusiasm and always up for adventure. She's also not afraid to find herself out of her comfort zone, and when she is, she handles it with a grace and strength that I admire so much. To honor these qualities that I love about her, Acqua di Gioia  from Macy’s was the perfect perfume selection.

It's light and airy with an ode to nature, but is thoroughly modern. It's a scent that oozes confidence and reflects an inherent level of sophistication. And it's the perfect thing to gift to a woman that possesses all these qualities.

In tuning in to the little things I love about someone, I often find I am able to find the perfect scent for them. And in this sense, this gift is an aromatic love letter that she can read every time she wears it.

PS - Macy's has various sizes of Acqua di Gioia so you can either surprise your mom with a big bottle, or give her a few smaller, various perfumes, which I find is a great way to play around with scents. Speaking of, stay tuned as I picked another fragrance for my mother to draw out a more unexpected side to her...

Will you be giving your mother a fragrance for Mother's Day?