I'm Not Crazy (But My Shoes Are)

photo by Chiara Marina Grioni

photo by Chiara Marina Grioni

While we’re all about keeping abreast of the trends, we’re equally wary of our wardrobes and wallets falling victim to any kind of sartorial dogma. Fall 2019 promises some fabulous offerings by way of feet - but we’re using a little trick we’ve come up with throughout the years to get a head start on future trends while saving a pretty penny.

The trick is pretty straightforward. Study the upcoming trends for the season ahead, and look for those details during the current season’s sale period. Not only does this ensure you’re saving cash with your finger on the pulse, but it also guarantees you won’t be a carbon copy of every other fashionista once those trends hit the market full-speed.

After all - style really isn’t about having the latest ‘It’ accessories when everyone else does. It’s about injecting your own personality and twist on the times.

Fall’s 2019 runways threw a lot of indulge-worthy trends at us - from metallics and shearling, to embellished, to tapestry and animal-printed everything. But one theme kept stride with every look - and that was maximalist maximalist maximalist! So even if you tend to lean towards the more minimalist side when it comes to dressing the rest of you, this Fall, try dipping a toe in the crazy and taking a walk on the wild side….