#MisfitPreferred: Laundry Day Modern Smokeware


THE BACKSTORY: There’s something about taking a cannabis hiatus (pregnancy and breastfeeding, we’re looking at you) that causes one to summon up any other excuse for perusing paraphernalia.. In this case, it’s home decor that’s not only beautiful, but holds functionality for the future once said hiatus is over. Which is exactly how we stumbled across Laundry Day’s collection of pipes and other accessories that are just as much a visual treat as they are one for the senses.

WHAT IT IS: Founded by Victoria Ashley, Laundry Day is a boutique collection of hand-blown, design-centric smokeware created with intention to visually shift and elevate the narrative surrounding the use of cannabis. Each piece is crafted with home decor in mind, helping to seamlessly blend the use of cannabis into both a modern lifestyle and aesthetic.

WHY WE LOVE IT: While most smokeware puts smoking at the forefront and aesthetics second, Laundry Day makes home decor a priority - while never compromising the smoking experience. We love their playful twist on seventies-inspired design that feels elegant, artisan, and functional all at the same time. We also love the thought of leaving it right out on the coffee table with your Mother-in-Law being none the wiser…

THOUGHTFUL MISFIT TIP: A clean pipe is next to godliness, or something along those lines. Take a careful read through Laundry Day’s cleaning tips in their FAQs to keep it more Object d'art and less dorm room disaster. Personally, we like to clean our pipe once a day - and if you get the right sativa, it can be a whole lot of fun after a good smoke sesh.