TOP.   SHORTS   (vintage Levi's, similar   here  ).   HAT.   BANDANA.   BOOTS. 

TOP. SHORTS (vintage Levi's, similar here). HAT. BANDANA. BOOTS. 

Since the last few times we went down to Joshua Tree to work on Cactus Mountain were spent fully focused on getting our renovation underway, we made it a point to do a little more exploring this trip down. We spent the mornings working inside the house and evenings planting outside. In the afternoons, we'd take a short break to explore our area a little bit more.

Since we live almost right between the two main entrances to Joshua Tree, access to almost anywhere in the park is incredibly easy. We spent a good amount of time near the North Entrance, which is a little bit closer, and also my favorite, making stops at Skull Rock, Split Rock, and the Cholla Cactus Garden and Ocotillo Patch. The next day, we headed towards the West Entrance, and took a walk through Hidden Valley Trail - one of the smaller and easier hikes. And while doing so, learned no matter how short and hike in Joshua Tree, you should always put aside longer than you think it will take, because you're going to want to drink in every little beautiful detail. 

These are a few shots from our walk. I'm excited to show you a little more of the park each time we go as there is SO much to see and it's all so photogenic. I keep pinching myself that all of this is right in our backyard. 

It was a short trip, but a really really good one. Looking forward to going back but for now, time to start planning for our next destination! One week and counting....