DRESS.  BOOTS (Marc Jacobs, similar  HERE , also love  THESE ).  BAG.  JACKET (Reformation, similar  HERE    and  HERE ).  RING. 

DRESS. BOOTS (Marc Jacobs, similar HERE, also love THESE). BAG. JACKET (Reformation, similar HERE and HERE). RING. 

While I'm not usually big on prints, when I do wear them, I love pairing them with a whole lot of leather. It breaks up solid dark pieces so well, and gives your old tried and trues a completely different look. Plus, it adds a little touch of femininity to your tougher items, which is something I always try to do. 

This was a pretty tough week - lots of driving, lots of work, very little sleep, and the panic of realizing just how much preparation I have to do before our travels has fully set in. I'm really looking forward to this weekend to try to get my feet back under me so I can hit the ground running next week! I foresee a lot of coffee in my near future! ;) 

TGIF Lovelies!