I wanted to share this fun video that we made in collaboration with Kapuluan Coconut, which is perhaps my favorite maker of coconut oil out there. I don't think I could live without coconut oil in my life, as I virtually use it for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and Kapuluan is definitely one of the best quality (and best tasting) coconut oils out there. I'll let the video speak to the many uses of coconut oil, but a few quick things about what makes Kapuluan Coconut special.

More and more I've been focusing on highlighting brands that do what they do in a way that is both above and beyond, and totally thoughtful. Not only is Kapuluan Coconut oil cold-pressed, raw, and organic (essential criteria for a good coconut oil), but they take it a step further with their one for one initiative, which plants a coconut palm in the Philippines every time their coconut oil is purchased. 

Not only does this contribute to helping the environment, but it also contributes to the livelihood of Filipino coconut farmers, helping them get back on their feet from the damage typhoon Hiayan. And to me, that's a pretty thoughtful thing... 

All that amazingness aside, another thing I love about Kapuluan is how handy the bottles are! They're super easy to hold and travel with (I brought a bottle with me to Hawaii). Aaaaand, one last thing! I'm super excited to announce that Cactus Mountain will now be stocked with Kapuluan Coconut oil for our guests! It's just one more way we're trying to make Cactus Mountain thoughtful, harmonious environment. 

PS a lot of this video was actually shot at Cactus Mountain!




Produced/Directed by me

Shot/Edited by Kelsey Bollig

With special thanks to Don Allen

Shot at Cactus Mountain