Homestead Life: Joshua Tree

Just getting back from Joshua Tree now, and while I'm glad to be home (and even to be returning to rain), I can't help but already miss it. There's a certain kind silence that can only be found in places like this that I have always loved. Years ago when we moved from LA to Sonoma to live on a vineyard, there was a similar type of silence that I always looked forward to in the evenings. It's kind of funny how you don't really know what silence is until you leave the city. That real kind of silence is a bit like taking a breather for your soul - something that I think we all could benefit from every once in a while! 

This was one of the looks I wore when we stayed at our (very first!) AirBnB. I have to say, I'm finally a convert. We stayed at the Sonora Cabin, which is this simple and cozy, gorgeous cabin that's set on 5 acres of land, and still has its original paint. I'm a sucker for anything with a rustic charm, and this place is nothing short of magic. And yes, this is kind of a lot of jewels for being on what was essentially a rural vacation. And yes, that's pretty normal for me. Travel Diary and a few more looks coming your way soon...


Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli

shot at JT Homesteader