Beauty Update: 9 Makeup Essentials For Fall


I've always been a makeup lover, but during Fall, I get particularly excited about all of the incredibly lustrous hues that start sneaking their way into my psyche. While I always prefer my makeup on the more classic side, Fall is definitely when I indulge in a little more color and a slightly heavier hand. On my list this year are natural tones, deep blacks, and spectrum of purples that range from creamy plums to shimmering violets. 

These 9 essentials represent a classic but dramatic Fall look that I think are total game changers. Below is a breakdown of why I love them and how to use them: 

1. Gel Polish in 1348 (Black): When it comes to darker colors, gel polish is an absolute essential because any slight chip becomes immensely exaggerated. My favorite color for winter/fall is definitely black as it goes with everything and it is devastatingly sophisticated! This color has shine so it's not quite matte, but it's not shimmery either. Just a good, classic black.

2. Em Michelle Phan Dramatic Volume Mascara: I'm a double coater when it comes to mascara, but with this one, all you need is a single coat to get serious lash (that's not to say I don't double coat with this, because I still do for an almost falsie look that I kind of love). I'm quickly falling in love with this brand, and this mascara is a great intro to the rest of the line. 

3. Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Dione: I like to keep my shadow more in the neutral colors so it has a more natural effect - even when I want to turn up the intensity. The one color I do love to play with, however, is purple, and while this is more of a minx hue, it has a purplish undertone that blends with and gives a natural finish to my more saturated purples. I use this as a highlighter for heavier looks or as a middle tone for daytime, neutral looks. Apply dry for a natural look and wet your brush first for a more intense color. Also try dabbing a tiny bit onto the center of your lid after finishing off your eye makeup - it will make your eyes pop!

4. Dior Fusion Mono Eyeshadow in Hypnotique: I love that you can use this shadow with a brush or with your finger and it blends incredibly well. This is a perfect darker purple that will really bring out hazel, brown, or green eyes. I use it for my crease and also line the lower lashes with a eyeliner brush before I over line them with a dark brown or jet black eyeliner. It also goes so so well with the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Dione.

5. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 89 Satisfaction: Cooler months mean dryer lips and this lipstick hydrates incredibly well. This is an easy color to wear that you can apply without a mirror. It's like a nude, but a little glossier - and while it's shimmery, it's not pearlescent, so it's very elegant. 

6. Beautyblender Pro Sponge: I've always applied foundation with my fingers - until I picked up one of these. It gives you an airbrushed finish that's streak free and with better coverage than when I apply with my fingers. Plus, it lasts use after use so it's actually worth the price.

7. Iman Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in Opal: Love love love how moisturizing this is, and love how affordable it is too. This color may seem a little extreme, but it's actually a dual color so it's far more wearable than it looks in the tube. The formula is really creamy but it has a matte, long lasting finish that will not dry you out whatsoever. This is a great dramatic option if you want to go vampy but don't want to end up looking goth.

8. Yves Saint Laurent Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder SPF 12 in 3 Golden Sand: This color works with almost every skin tone and it has SPF worked right into the product. I usually stick to matte bronzers, but I like using this and skipping the blush altogether - and the slight shimmer really helps to give you a gorgeous, healthy glow. I also like using this color in the crease of my eyes as well when I want to go low-maintenance with makeup. This bronzer plus Em Michelle Phan Dramatic Volume Mascara is a go-to combo for those out the door, I-hit-the-snooze-button-too-many-times kind of mornings! 

9. Tarte Double-Ended Camouflage Tool: I use this for under the eyes, around the nose (cold weather gives me a little bit of redness that needs a little more coverage), and over blemishes. This tool is perfect for when you need to get detailed with your concealer. I use the brush side for application, and the sponge side to buff out the edges of the concealer or foundation for a perfectly smooth finish. This is great for where you need a little extra coverage after applying your foundation with the Beautyblender pro Sponge.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products, and what your favorite essentials are for Fall!