Holiday Red

/  DRESS  (launching next Friday) /  EARRING  /  SHOES  /

/ DRESS (launching next Friday) / EARRING / SHOES /

I'm usually the type to have her Christmas tree up on Nov 1 without any shame whatsoever. However this year, we had to address some issues in our foundation as we're just starting to renovate The Buckminster House, and since our tree always pretty large (we have a two story living room and take full advantage when it comes to tree selections), we realized it would be best to wait until we had someone look at the foundation. 

And so I've gone from being the most prepared holiday person ever to the least. Because I'm convinced it's nearly impossible to get your head in the holiday game without a tree (and especially when it's still 75 and sunny out). 

Luckily, holiday dressing is an area where I'm always prepared, no matter what. This year, we have lots of informal holiday events planned so far, but a few more formal - and I'm SO excited to wear this stunner dress to the very first dressy event! It's elegant but still bold and sexy but sophisticated, which is exactly how I prefer my holiday pieces. Plus finishing it off with a dark, moody lip and a single dagger-shaped earring makes it anything but saccharine. 

P.S. this dress is officially launching next Friday on 8th Sign - I have a feeling it's going to do really well so if you want to snag it for yourself, I'd set a little reminder! ;) 



Photos by me.