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Having been budgeting for renovations for the last year has definitely put a bit of a halt on my shopping habits - but to be honest, it's something I'm really happy about. It feels good to put my money towards projects that will help build a better future for myself instead of moments of instant gratification. That being said, however, I still love nice things and believe in treating myself every once in a while. It's just that lately, I've found other ways to do it that A) don't dip deeply into my bank account and B) don't turn my closet into a black hole of mass consumption and clutter. 

Lately, whenever I get the urge to shop, my first stop is Haute Trader. It's a simple idea that's pretty amazing - and really addicting! Basically, you put all the designer items you no longer wear or want up on the site and you can trade them with other people who have done the same. 

That's exactly how I snagged this Alexander Wang bag (for free!) that I've been carrying around with me non-stop ever since I got it. All I had to do was put up a dress I never wore and a leather skirt that was a little too small for me and viola! Traded for something I really want and actually use. 

So while I have a few things and shops I'm definitely eying for Black Friday, Haute Trader is where I've been getting the real deals. (And PS if you want to trade with me, find me here. And while there's usually a small fee to trade, don't worry because I've got you! Use the code: TradeWTienlyn to skip the fee so you can see how amazing and addicting Haute Trader is for yourself! Currently looking for Prada boots so if you have any, feel free to list.... ;)




Photos by Kelsey Bollig

In collaboration with Haute Trader

Tienlyn JacobsonHaute Trader