Fresh Beauty For Spring With Sephora Inside JCPENNEY

One of my absolute favorite things about spring is freshening up everything - from cleaning the house to clearing out the wardrobe, to jumping back into healthy routines to incorporating more seasonal ingredients in our cooking. And of course I freshen up both my product arsenal and my beauty routine. 

Sephora is actually the second job I ever had. I worked there in high school and quickly became obsessed with trying new products, especially the more innovative ones, which always seemed to find their way to Sephora first. I think this has a lot to do with my interest in new, innovative products to this day. And to this day, Sephora is still my go-to resource for such things - especially now that Sephora inside JCPenney exists and it’s that much more convenient to find everything I need inside my local JCPenney

To celebrate spring (and all the new goodness that’s dropping right now, I teamed up with Sephora inside JCPenney to create a fresh spring look with some of the latest and greatest beauty products. Something I really love about the three products I’m about to talk about is how easy it is to create an effortless look with them - whether it’s more on the natural side - or all glammed up.

Milk Makeup’s Blur Stick is probably the product I was most excited to try. For someone who likes to avoid foundation for daily wear, I’m always looking for something easy and light that will smooth the edges a bit. Not only is this compact enough to toss in your purse or take with you when you travel, but it works like a dream - smoothing away pores and fine lines without leaving a gross residue or clogging your skin (there’s no silicone). It also leaves you with a more matte finish, which for most days, is all I really want as I want to feel as though my skin can breathe. 

I applied it as a primer and then just covered up any remaining spots with a dab of concealer. And I can safely say this is a product I’ll be using for years. Since this is a new brand for me, I’m curious to check out the rest of the Milk Makeup line now.

Next up was Urban Decay’s Backtalk Eye and Face Palette. As famous as Urban Decay’s palettes are, I’ve never actually owned one until just a few months ago, when I received the Naked Palette as a gift. Ever since then, I’ve become a bit of a hoarder, collecting their Naked Petite Heat Palette (great for desert colors) before acquiring the Backtalk Eye and Face Palette featured above, which is kind of the mother of all Urban Decay palettes, considering one side is filled with super wearable warm neutral shadows and the other consists of 3 blushes (all of which nearly any skin tone can wear FYI), and a highlighter - divided by a double mirror in the middle that I super appreciate for its usefulness while traveling. 

For the look below, btw, I used ‘3 Sheets’ as my base color, and then ‘Curve’ on the lid, and ‘WTF’ on the crease and then blended them all together with my finger (bc I’m lazy AF and still believe fingers are the best way to blend).  I used ‘Double Take’ for my blush, which is super pigmented and is also the perfect everyday blush color for me. For a more dramatic look, I could easily see using ‘Bare’ as the base, ‘WTF’ on the lid, and ‘180’ in the crease (I’m really obsessed with the tone of ‘180’ btw).

The sleeper of the bunch was definitely IGK’s Beach Club Texture Spray. I call it the sleeper because I’m almost never excited about hair products unless it’s hair oil - mostly because I’m just not that interested in elaborate hairstyles. I generally go for pin straight, ponytail or dutch braids or my natural texture - so unless a product works with these looks, I’m not really going to use it. 

However this texture spray is usable for all 4 of these looks - especially for my natural texture! I applied this at the roots and a little throughout my hair on my 3rd day of not washing my hair (on this day I usually have to go for a ponytail or dutch braids) and it popped it right back to life, adding a ton of volume and bounce. The next day, my hair was still good to go and I’m starting to consider using this as an alternative to dry shampoo as it kind of feels like it did the same thing, but with no residue and a helluva a lot of touchable texture. Plus, it didn’t feel like it dried out my hair whatsoever. I’ll be using this from now on any time I need to do my hair (it adds a lot of buildable volume too and gives your hair a little extra grip when braiding or pulling it back which is a huge bonus for me).

What are your favorite spring products? And has anyone else tried these goodies before? I’d love to hear how you’ve used them! 



In partnership with Sephora inside JCPenney. #SephoraInJCP