One of the most convenient things about living in Joshua Tree is that attending Coachella is pretty much a no-brainer - from the 45 min drive from my house to the grounds, to not having to pack whatsoever, to hitting up all the amazing little private parties that always turn out to be my favorite part.

Going to Coachella year after year has also given me great insight into how festival style is changing - and how my own festival style is evolving. One thing I’ve really learned is that comfort should always come first- no matter what. I don’t care how cute you think you look that morning - if you’ve got blisters, a dress with straps from hell, melty caked-on makeup, and are weighed down by your accessories by the afternoon, you’re not going to have your best experience.

Another thing I really learned is that if you really want to stand out for what you’re wearing, you do the exact opposite of everyone around you. So as far as Coachella goes, I tend to cover up quite a bit more than the average attendee (especially this year as so far it’s been colder in the desert than usual), opt for neutrals, and skip anything too trendy or that I would only wear once.

That’s why, this time of year, I tend to find myself perusing the Folli Follie website for a more elevated, unique twist to festival style - looking in particular for pieces that I can wear long after festival season is over (which I really believe is the best way to shop for any event or occasion).

One thing I really like to do is to dress up denim with lightweight, high bling pieces. This Metal Chic bracelet was a definite must-have as it’s easy to wear, can be paired with anything, and I’m just obsessed with the negative space aspect.

But the bling doesn’t stop with the bracelet! I was pretty smitten with the Star Flower Rhodium stud earrings - they’re lightweight and easy to wear all day (there’s that comfort aspect again), but they pack such a punch with the sparkle and I love how this contrasts with the denim - total effortless chic with just the right dash of IDGAF for cool factor. Plus they make putting my hair up in a messy pony look intentional - which is a big plus after being on the go for basically 48 hours straight.

After falling for the Star Flower Rhodium stud earrings, I couldn’t help but lose it over the Star Flower Rhodium necklace - I love the double strand both for its ease in wearability (put on one necklace, get an instant layered look) and for how dainty it looks while still being a total showstopper. It turns a normal button down neckline into something really elegant and dresses up the look just the right amount to turn it from everyday into an occasion.

My favorite jewelry items  are pieces that you can see them from far away (note the above photo) but aren’t too heavy or clunky. Even though I could wear these items for everyday (or to an elegant night out), they work just as well for putting together a unique Coachella look.

Last but not least, I went for a graphic pop with this Club Riviera Striped Clutch to counter the subtle palette (while still remaining neutral). This purse is another great example of festival fashion that is also a great long term investment. You can use it as a clutch, or you can attach the strap and it turns into the most perfectly sized cross body so you can wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care (while still actually caring because no one wants to lose their stuff).

Plus a nice solid stripe is the perfect way to mix and match with any denim, color, or gingham (and I’m planning on wearing a bunch over the weekend), so I love that I can bring only a few purses and they will match with absolutely everything.

But wait there’s more! This isn’t the only look I’m planning for Coachella with Folli Follie pieces! I can’t wait to show you another look at the festival! Stay tuned… but until then, who else is going? How are you accessorizing?



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli

In partnership with ShoppingLinks and FolliFollie but all opinions are my own